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Writing For Wellness workshop

I have been writing professionally as a journalist for about 13 years. But I’ve been journaling since middle school. That journaling turned into several blogs. In my life, writing has been a way for me to learn to express myself, and deal with my emotions. Many people kept journals as children, but don't make the time… Continue reading Writing For Wellness workshop


ReneeDion illuminates new sound, new life on Moonlight

There comes a time in every artist's life where she must decide: continue down a well-worn path of familiarity or toe the grasses of something new. And sometimes life's own plot twists make those decisions for you. Renee was here. Two years ago ReneeDion's soulful sound could be heard on on music blogs across the… Continue reading ReneeDion illuminates new sound, new life on Moonlight

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I’m speaking at Creative Control Fest in Columbus!

One of my friends and colleagues Marshall Shorts has given me the opportunity to be a part of the second annual Creative Control Fest held in Columbus September 6 & 7 in the King Lincoln District. There will be creatives from all fields and disciplines showing their talent and networking. I will be one of… Continue reading I’m speaking at Creative Control Fest in Columbus!

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Creative Control Festival: See it + Show Up!

For more information about The Creative Control Fest visit: http://www.creativecontrolfest.com Twitter: @shutupandcreate Facebook: Creative Control Fest Want to become a sponsor? Visit: http://www.indiegogo.com/creativecontrolfest

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Columbus Artist Takes Control with New Art + Design Festival

Marshall Shorts has curated art in Columbus for four years as the creator of BRUSH, the paint by numbers art affair held at his gallery in the King Lincoln District. As a visual communication specialist who has worked with Columbus College of Art & Design (his alma mater), The Ohio State University, Columbus State Community… Continue reading Columbus Artist Takes Control with New Art + Design Festival

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I’m Featured on CantWaitAnymore.com #TIOBS

  #TIOBS. Featured “Somebody”: Donna Marbury   Donna Marbury (pictured on the right) Tell us a little bit about yourself… “I am from Columbus, Ohio. I grew up with both of my parents and my sister, Dawn. She and I were both artsy and imaginative kids, and my parents encouraged us to pursue life outside… Continue reading I’m Featured on CantWaitAnymore.com #TIOBS

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SKIN Article on FlyPaperBlog.com

Donna Marbury provided the organized idea, DJ Dommy Styles came with the vinyl and laptop combo, and Spyder, the owner of Black Market Tattoo and Piercing, joined forces to put on a “New” kind of event here in Columbus, Ohio; one that is also trending all over the US. SKIN Written by Vida Michelle Bringing… Continue reading SKIN Article on FlyPaperBlog.com