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My 2017 Writing Accomplishments

It is a good idea to quantify your goals and keep track of your progress throughout the year. I was able to take an audit of 2017, and highlight some of my writing accomplishments for the year as a way to motivate me toward 2018 goals. Here's a list of some of the things I… Continue reading My 2017 Writing Accomplishments


ComFest’s Hip Hop Solution

Published in June 2016. When ComFest takes over Goodale Park this weekend, attendees will hear more MCs, see more DJs and hopefully get a better understanding of how Columbus hip-hop and activism are working in unison. In 2015, organizers acknowledged the lineup wasn’t entirely reflective of the city’s diverse music scene — particularly in regards… Continue reading ComFest’s Hip Hop Solution

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Creativity key to more robust social media

Health plans never had to think too much about branding and reaching out to consumers before the Affordable Care Act. Now, as consumers play a more active role in health plan selection, plans must use social media as a marketing tool to engage with patients and turn them into loyal consumers.