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Will wearables and healthcare ever sync?

Published May 2016

Slideshow: 7 wearable devices health execs should watch

The healthcare wearables market continues to grow, as consumers become more empowered by monitoring their own health. Nearly 60 million fitness, activity, and sport trackers will be sold in 2016, valued at $3.8 billion. That number could balloon to 187 million devices, with the market valued at $6 billion, by 2020, according to the CCS Insight Global Wearables Forecast released in February 2016. In fact, the future of wearables isn’t just limited to wristbands—wearable cameras, virtual reality headsets, jewelry and clothing will be able to collect biometric data on users to send to mobile devices and cloud applications.

Though technology companies continue to innovate in the wearable field, healthcare organizations are slow to get on board.

Read the full article here.

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