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I’m speaking at Creative Control Fest in Columbus!

2013 Creative Control Festival

One of my friends and colleagues Marshall Shorts has given me the opportunity to be a part of the second annual Creative Control Fest held in Columbus September 6 & 7 in the King Lincoln District. There will be creatives from all fields and disciplines showing their talent and networking. I will be one of the speakers along with some of the upcoming art leaders in the city. Eunique Jackson, whose  upcoming book called Because of Them, We Can, and wonderful photography of children, and has been on every major media outlet in the country.

Eunique Jones Photography

Through Marshall and his partner Corey Favor, I went to the Weapons of Mass Creation festival in Cleveland this past weekend, which is a huge gathering of designers and other creatives. At the last minute I was asked to speak on a panel about diversity in the creative fields, and I was honored to speak along with Marshall and John Jennings as a guest of the Organization of Black Designers. Luckily, I was ready with my thoughts and opinions!

Me on the Organization of Black Designer’s panel about diversity in creative fields

I would love to see Columbus have the same (if not better) excitement about its creative community for Creative Control. If you drive through the downtown, the Arena District, the Short North and the King Lincoln District, you will see the city overflowing with creativity. I know my friends and associates are ripe with ideas and art that can change the city!

If you are interested in the Creative Control Fest, as a guest or a vendor, please check out the website, www.CreativeControlFest.com for more information. I hope to see you there!



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