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#TIOBS. Featured “Somebody”: Donna Marbury


Donna Marbury (pictured on the right)

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

“I am from Columbus, Ohio. I grew up with both of my parents and my sister, Dawn. She and I were both artsy and imaginative kids, and my parents encouraged us to pursue life outside of where we grew up. We always took advantage of free programs offered by our schools, which helped me to be comfortable in other environments and interact with lots of different people. I went to science camp, writing camp, media studies camp and always was involved in all kinds of stuff. I think that early exposure helped me to feel comfortable where ever I was. My sister is a very smart girl, who went to the military and now has an awesome IT career and published her first novel last year. So I thank my parents for keeping us involved in all sorts of things and telling us we could be successful as creative people.”

What do you do now?

“I have a boutique PR firm called Donna Marie PR that focuses on creative concepts and cross marketing for a small group of awesome clients including Strand Cafe, a hair salon in the Short North, SouloTheory Creative, a graphic design, branding and event planning firm headed by Marshall Shorts and Peter Hadar, an amazing alternative R&B vocalist who lives in New Jersey. I also promote events via web and social networking and provide other communication services. I am also a journalist, and I freelance every now and then for local publications.”

What are your future plans for yourself, and how do you plan to achieve them?

“I am moving to Chicago in June 2012 to pursue a master’s degree at Northwestern University. This is an amazing experience for me, I will be learning how to be a better journalist and a communication chick in the best communication cities in the world! My goal is to complete my book, learn how to create mobile apps and other interactive publishing experiences.”

What about your future plans for others/the community/the world?

“The book I am writing is dealing with broken heart syndrome, and how the body responds when a person goes through heartbreak. I hope that this book will help women especially, who sometimes have a harder time recovering from break ups and don’t realize that they can die from a broken heart. I also plan on creating programs for young women to explore career options outside of what women normally explore, and help to build future entrepreneurs.”

What makes you believe in our movement, “The Idea Of Being Somebody”?

“Everybody is special in their own way, and I think that they way we pursue finding our specialness is very important. I don’t believe people to need to model their careers or lives after an idol or celebrity. I think we should gain wisdom and insight from others, but make getting to know ourselves a priority in life. That is what makes your successful and significant. So I like The Idea of Being Somebody because it celebrates everybody being an individual!”

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us Donna.  We wish you the best of luck with your future, keep being great!  – TIOBS®

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