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Peter Hadar To Release New EP, Take Off Victoria, Valentine’s Day 2012

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The Honors Program, Shayna Miller,


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“At the end of the day don’t be scared to be sexy,” says alternative R&B singer Peter Hadar, who has made “sexy” the mantra of his music. With the release of his fourth project, Take Off Victoria on Valentine’s Day 2012, the singer/songwriter explores the science and seduction of sex appeal. “Sex appeal is not just about being risqué. It is also about embracing who you are and being proud to show your beauty. ”

A departure from standard soul, Take Off Victoria promises to deliver sexy uptempo R&B  music, reminiscent of The Time and Alexander O’Neil, yet simultaneously progressive, electric and new age. The proof is in the singles leading up to the album’s release: “Full Time Lover,” a 80s-tinged high energy jam, “Dancin,” an electro-house ode to shaking it and “Your Body,” the Afro-Caribbean dance song describing a woman’s best assets. The New Jersey native aims pays homage to his home state and its culture of dance music. “Take Off Victoria is about having a good time and dancing. You can hear the best house and club music in Newark. Some people might look at Newark and judge the city, but it has a beautiful culture,” he says. The album releases also launches Hadar’s promotional tour that begins in New York City and the Midwest and reaches to Paris, France, this spring.

Featured on, Billboard, Vibe, The Urb and Fader magazines and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, dozens of publications and websites internationally, Hadar has been curating his blend of alternative soul and pop music to his fan base affectionately known as Cool Weirdos. His albums Memories of The Heart (2006), Well Dressed For The Art Show (2008) and She’s 4 Months (released on Valentine’s Day 2009) have propelled Hadar into the national spotlight with singles including Planets (featuring model/actress Selita Ebanks in the sci-fi video) and “Full Time Lover” with videos produced by Coodie & Chike of Creative Control and “Still A Boss” with Slim Thug, a parody produced by The Daily Show. He has been featured prominently across the web on sites including,,,,,, and, where “Your Body” received an honorable mention as one of the best songs of 2011.

Also known for his business acumen, Hadar leads The Honors Program, a marketing, management and event planning company that pushes the envelope of creativity. Recently, the company has produced several events including Nudie Bar, a striptease featuring live music and fitness pole dancing that was featured on Hadar also launched The Frock Manifesto, a nonprofit organization designed to instill self esteem and gentlemen etiquette in young men. As a manager, his roster includes Mz. Hayes and Jonny Velvett. “I know that 2012 will be a year of good music and good culture and giving back as well,” says Hadar. “I am willing to extend past my expectations.”



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