Hello, I’m Donna and I am a professional writer. I also help people find their true selves through writing.

Writing and communicating have been a part of my life since I was 12 years old. My early practices of writing in my diary and keeping a journal with me at all times helped me to grow into my career as a professional writer. Though I’ve been in the journalism and communication field since 2003, my writing career really began as a little girl, learning to find my voice, writing down my dreams and fears in my diary.

Here’s How I Can Help You:

Private Writing For Wellness Workshops 

  • My Writing For Wellness workshops are a unique team building activity that helps your team celebrate past goals, create corporate affirmations and dream big personally and professionally.
  • Planning a birthday party, girl’s night or gathering for friends or family? Writing For Wellness workshops are a great way to bring creativity into your celebration! I will lead you through a series of writing prompts and affirmations tailored to your group that will bring everyone closer through words. Let’s talk more about writing workshops.

Content/Editorial Creation and Management

I specialize in journalism and content management across multiple platforms for multiple industries. Services I offer include:

  • Freelance article writing
  • Social media strategy and management
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Editorial calendar creation and management
  • Content and grammar editing
  • Blogging consultation and creation

Grammar + Chill: Networking For Established & Upcoming Writers in Columbus

A semi-regular, happy hour meetup event highlighting and celebrating local writers in a chill atmosphere. 2019 winner of a Create Columbus Commission grant.

Writing For Wellness Online Community

COMING SOON: Online classes offering writing prompts, affirmations and other activities to help you to nurture your creative self. These classes are on-demand, so you can pick your time and your vibe to create. Interested? Sign up here for more information.